Wednesday, August 10, 2011

4th of July in Vegas!!

If you have already read this post yes originally I said it was memorial day but really it was 4th of July sorry :)

Ok so I'm still trying to get better at this whole blogging thing and I'm a little behind so its time to play catch up before we move to Boston so stay tuned for about 2 more posts in the next 2 weeks :)

So for 4th of July Kasey and I met up with my sister and brother and their spouses and my brothers 2 kids in Vega where my parents live! My mom has a friend that has jet skis and she let us barrow them so we decided to go to lake mead (actually I think it was called search light which was a little farther but a lot less crowded and prettier) and have ourselves some fun!! We spent the whole day Saturday at the lake and had an amazing time!! The lake was beautiful but it was soooooooo hot out. My brothers daughter Violet is only 3 months old so she didn't go out in the sun much but my dad brought a spray bottle so every once and a while we would spray her down to cool her off. When we would do it she was always so surprised by it and would just squirm it was really funny actually, poor little girl. Anyways here some pictures of the day :)

We were trying to make is so we were both facing the
camera but it never quite happened hahaha
Kasey and I
Andy and Paul
At the end of the day Andy and I went on a little ride and
did a bunch of donuts...I got pretty go at it hahah

On 4th of July we went out to an all you can eat place
and let me tell you we ate all we could eat!!!

Then we stopped by to thank my moms friend for
letting us use their jet skies and saw these street
signs and had to take a picture :)

All and all it was a really fun trip and I am so glad I was able to somehow get the weekend off so we could go play. I have been super nervous with us moving that I am not going to get to see my family as much as I would like so I am trying to get in as much time with them as possible before we move :) (sad thing is I didn't have any pictures of my parents or Nathan and his family at the lake :(....little Violet was sooooo adorable in her little strawberry swimsuit!!)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1st Boston Visit :)

So as you all know now we are moving to Boston the end of August. The date is still up in the air cause we are thinking about taking a vacation before Kasey starts full time but that is still on debate.

Anyways, we had the chance to go to Boston about a month ago. Kasey had to go for a business meeting and he asked if I could go too and they said yes so off we went. It took forever to get there (at least it felt like it) cause we lost 3 hours. I am not looking forward to those flights in the future but oh well technology does make it a lot better and easier :) So when we first got there we had to rent a car and were able to get a convertible for not that much more than a regular car. Very good choice on Kasey's part! The weather was beautiful the entire time we were there!!

Since we got in late we just checked into a hotel and got some rest. The next morning we went down town to see where Kasey would be working and to a place call Faneuil Hall. Its basically a lot of shopping and restaurants. Very popular place on the weekends.

Skyline of Boston

New Office :) Right in the heart of Boston
about a block from the aquarium :)
Crazy little shops for food I'm pretty sure every one of them sold lobster rolls and when we tried them.....not so good :/
Eating at Cheers! :)
We had the best spot for people watching!! WE LOVED IT!!

On the Harbor :)

Boston Commons Park
Kinda similar to central park in New York

Just driving with the top down no big :)
Waldon Pond
And of course we had to go to a Red Sox game!!
Really entertaining, we had our very own commentators
right behind us and they were hilarious :)

I love love love love love hydrangas I think they are the pretties flower ever and this house had them all the way around it! I would be in heaven!! It was so nice to see them! I have a hydranga now in UT but its not doing so well, I think its a little too dry here for it but I can't wait to have one in Boston. These ones had lots of colors on them too!

All and all I am really excited for Boston, it will be a big change but it will be good. The city was crazy and getting around was really difficult but it was super entertaining. We are still looking for a place to live and aren't really sure where it will be yet. Kasey wants to live in the heart of Boston for one year but then we will move shortly after that. I'm not sure what I think but I will be happy with whatever :) We were planning on going back for a second trip that we would just look for a place to live but since our two schedules are crazy there isn't a time both of us can go back so I have to let Kasey go and pick out an apartment all by himself. I have to admit I am a little nervous about that but he knows what I want so I am putting a lot of trust in him. So keep your fingers crossed that when Kasey goes to Boston on the 28th that he will find us a fabulous apartment and that I will have lots of fun and one of my best friends weddings!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We finally made it!! On April 21 and 22 we both graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU)! It has been a long 4 years but we are definitely glad we made it!

We both started our schooling journey at BYU-I. We went there for 2 years and lived the single life and just loved it (really great place). Then in our last semester (Winter 2007) at BYU-I we met and I told Kasey I was going to be transferring to BYU the following fall and that he should think about it. Kasey applied to transfer on the last day it was possible and got in! Luckily he did because we were engaged that July. After getting our Associates Degree from BYU-I we stared Fall 2008 at BYU!

This is at Andrea's graduation the Summer before we started at BYU.

At BYU we both decided we wanted to go into business. So we started taking all our prerequisite classes, applied for The Marriott Business School, and got in! From that point on we LIVED in the Tanner Building. I think I can probably name 4 out of 30 buildings on campus because I never had classes in any other building.

As for our majors we both majored in Business but I had an emphasis in OB/HR and Kasey in Finance. It worked out really well because I was a semester ahead of him so I would buy books the semester before and Kasey could use them the following semester. It was even better because my parents paid for them so we really didn't have to buy any books other than when he took his one semester of Finance classes and I took my one semester of OB/HR classes.

Self Portait during Commencement!

All the Graduates!!

Don't worry Kasey got really enlightened by our commencement speaker Elder Scott
(I do have to admit his voice is very soothing and lulling)

And this is me enjoying the moment that I got to take this picture to make fun of Kasey :)

Jumping for Joy!!
My Mom and Dad
Dinner after Commencement at Grandma's House
My Grandma spelled Kasey's name wrong on the cake but we were still very thankful :)
Just walked across the stage and got our diplomas!!

The whole crew after everything was over!
My Mom and Dad joined in on the Jumping Festivities :)

The Dreaded Tanner Building
(This is where all our business classes are held)
Yep this is how we felt every day after leaving the building hahaha

Dinner with may family after convocation at Texas Roadhouse!
(We went to Lunch with Kasey's family but I don't have a picture from that yet :/ )
They made us both sit on the sattle ha ha ha

It was a great 4 years and now we have both accomplished something really great and can tell our kids about it and hopefully get them to college too:) As for after we graduate I don't ever really plan on using my degree, maybe in the future but not anytime soon and Kasey well he will be using his in Boston :)