Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We finally made it!! On April 21 and 22 we both graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU)! It has been a long 4 years but we are definitely glad we made it!

We both started our schooling journey at BYU-I. We went there for 2 years and lived the single life and just loved it (really great place). Then in our last semester (Winter 2007) at BYU-I we met and I told Kasey I was going to be transferring to BYU the following fall and that he should think about it. Kasey applied to transfer on the last day it was possible and got in! Luckily he did because we were engaged that July. After getting our Associates Degree from BYU-I we stared Fall 2008 at BYU!

This is at Andrea's graduation the Summer before we started at BYU.

At BYU we both decided we wanted to go into business. So we started taking all our prerequisite classes, applied for The Marriott Business School, and got in! From that point on we LIVED in the Tanner Building. I think I can probably name 4 out of 30 buildings on campus because I never had classes in any other building.

As for our majors we both majored in Business but I had an emphasis in OB/HR and Kasey in Finance. It worked out really well because I was a semester ahead of him so I would buy books the semester before and Kasey could use them the following semester. It was even better because my parents paid for them so we really didn't have to buy any books other than when he took his one semester of Finance classes and I took my one semester of OB/HR classes.

Self Portait during Commencement!

All the Graduates!!

Don't worry Kasey got really enlightened by our commencement speaker Elder Scott
(I do have to admit his voice is very soothing and lulling)

And this is me enjoying the moment that I got to take this picture to make fun of Kasey :)

Jumping for Joy!!
My Mom and Dad
Dinner after Commencement at Grandma's House
My Grandma spelled Kasey's name wrong on the cake but we were still very thankful :)
Just walked across the stage and got our diplomas!!

The whole crew after everything was over!
My Mom and Dad joined in on the Jumping Festivities :)

The Dreaded Tanner Building
(This is where all our business classes are held)
Yep this is how we felt every day after leaving the building hahaha

Dinner with may family after convocation at Texas Roadhouse!
(We went to Lunch with Kasey's family but I don't have a picture from that yet :/ )
They made us both sit on the sattle ha ha ha

It was a great 4 years and now we have both accomplished something really great and can tell our kids about it and hopefully get them to college too:) As for after we graduate I don't ever really plan on using my degree, maybe in the future but not anytime soon and Kasey well he will be using his in Boston :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Husband created a Blog!

So my husband Kasey created a blog.

Its called the Boston blogger. Here is the blog site.

Kaseys Boston Blogger Site

He is trying to post something everyday that is interesting or that stimulates the mind.  It can be something inspiring, spiritual, motivating or just something that is interesting and cool to read.  His goal is to make you say "hmmm that was really interesting" each day.  He is calling them his Daily Dimes (probably because they not worth more than about 10 cents)  JUST KIDDING!! They are actually pretty cool from the few that he has posted.  Anyways if you are looking for something interesting to read every day that will make you say, "Hmmmmm" check out my Husbands Daily Dimes.  Hope you enjoy!!!