Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Husband created a Blog!

So my husband Kasey created a blog.

Its called the Boston blogger. Here is the blog site.

Kaseys Boston Blogger Site

He is trying to post something everyday that is interesting or that stimulates the mind.  It can be something inspiring, spiritual, motivating or just something that is interesting and cool to read.  His goal is to make you say "hmmm that was really interesting" each day.  He is calling them his Daily Dimes (probably because they not worth more than about 10 cents)  JUST KIDDING!! They are actually pretty cool from the few that he has posted.  Anyways if you are looking for something interesting to read every day that will make you say, "Hmmmmm" check out my Husbands Daily Dimes.  Hope you enjoy!!!

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