Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cruisin in the USA

This is going to be a power post people (long but good). Just letting you know Pre-read. 

So last month Kasey and I got to take a little vacay down to my parents house and then down to his parents and then a cruise to top it all off.....I know, sweet vacation. We stopped in Vegas and ate at one of our favorite restaurants, the LUX at the Venetian (Highly recommended!) We strolled around the Venice and checked out the little gondola boats.  Then we bought tickets to see a show that we have always wanted to check out, The Phantom of the Opera.   It was really cool to see it live. Best part of the show was when the chandelier moved around the room in different pieces and then finally comes together. Also when the phantom takes Christine down to his chambers. You gotta see it in person to really experience it!


The next morning we headed down to Los Angeles to prepare to leave for our cruise! And let me tell you when we finally were on it, it was AMAING!!! We were able to make some new best friends which is bitter sweet because now we have them but they are moving for the summer :(. We honestly loved hanging out with these other married couples. We did everything together; sat by the pool, ate fish tacos in mexico from a ghetto cart, broke a dune buggy going up a huge hill, and even broke it down on the dance floor. It was sooo much fun. Here are some more pictures.

 This stupid seal thought this buoy was his home.  Kasey loved this seal, named him Jose.
 On our way back to the boar 4 hours later Jose was still perched in the same spot! 
(Or at least thats what Kasey think's I think its a different seal personally.)
Las Chicas (The Jens, so much fun!)
It's funny to me how the girls are happy, smiling, and posed for the picture 
and the boys are all doing something weird ha ha ha

 We took golf carts around the Island for half the day. 

Los Burnham,  <3 Them 
Jen and I thought we were going to die on these thing but Kasey and Josh were 
having a grand old time going off roading and running through puddles!! 

 Some of the guys Kasey worked with.  
 This was just one of the local superhero characters in Mexico.  
(Please note the name on chest and bulge in speedo...shooker Kasey wanted a picture)   
"Mexico: Famous for their tacos, clean water, and super viagra man!" 

 Please look at the stick figure of the old man.  So funny!  (Not for children)
 Our entourage 
(Josh and Jen Campos, Landon and Jessica, Josh and Jen Burnham, Da Bedes)
 Jen and Josh Campos  Jen = my new BFF

 Fish/carne asada/shrimp/dog/chicken Tacos.  Looked pretty sketchy coming from that cart in the background but Kasey tried one and we probably bought 30 more as a group.  What ever they were they were so good and only 1 dollar!!!!
 Jen sure loved them
 Landon playing a little jig with the locals
 We rented this baja.  Dont worry the ride was short lived.  We got maybe 15 min into the trip to the sand dunes when Josh went up a huge hill, we almost died, and then the baja broke down.  It was a little scary and we had sand EVERYWHERE after.  Best quote from Jen, "I was too scared to realize to shut my mouth and so I just continued to scream and now I have dirt in my teeth!"


Lastly we have a bit of important news............. I'M PREGNANT!!!   Just kidding, I'm really not pregnant but I know everyone was wanting me to say that. The big news is that Kasey and I have decided to accept a Job offer in Boston Massachusets.   The music was a little hint, but ...."I think im going to Boston!"

 It came as a surprise to us, because Kasey didn't think he would leave Utah for a few years at least with this company.   He thought he would get trained for a while here in Utah then move him out.  They pulled him in one day and pitched him on the idea of going to Boston, and he was extremely excited. Me on the other hand, didn't take it so well (I cried my eyes out) hahaha. Anyways, after much debate, thought, and prayer we have decided to take this opportunity, embrace it, and make the most of it.  Kasey is excited because he has always wanted to work downtown in a major city. He will be working in the heart of Boston in the Financial district.  One of the buildings in the picture above will be where he is working, so he is just praying for an office with a window view!

 We will be leaving the end of the summer, so if you want to hang out with us, it better be soon because come Septermber 1 we will be on the other side of the country. Despite my initial reaction, I decided to think positively and I thought of a few good thing that will come from moving to Boston to help me cope with the move....

1) I LOVE the east coast (especially being from Maryland). In the summer maybe we will get into sailing, and I have heard Boston is beautiful in the fall with the colors. As for winter......well I'm a little nervous for the cold but hey I survived Rexburg so I can handle it!

2) I have always wanted to live in a baseball town and the Red Sox are going to be awesome to watch!

3) Kasey might finally root for a different team than the stupid Lakers! haha no more Kobe!

4) It will give us a chance to get out of the bubble and really bond as a family together eventually making us even stronger.

5)  It will force me to repent and keep my blog up to date more often so people can know what we are doing  (Sorry for the 1 post a year thus far).

6) LIFE is an adventure, you only live once right!?!?!

I think it will be something that, even though I am nervous about right now, eventually it will be something that I am glad we were able to experience.  If anyone comes to ever visit us I promise we will be the best hosts ever!  Please come visit me?...Please?


ashley said...

yay congrats on the new job offer! boston sounds beautiful. love you!

Jodi said...

What an adventure you will have. You are braver than I am. I love reading your blog, so you better keep posting. Love ya.

Shawna said...

What an AWESOME cruise. It looks like a blast. And I'm glad that you had the chance to see the Phantom. Jeff and I saw it a few years ago, and it was definitely amazing. Glad to see that you have a blog (had no idea!), and hope to hear more from you.

Mary and Jordan said...

Okay at first I was almost mad that you were prego and didnt tell me and then i was relieved that it was a joke. second you should add to the list that you will be much closer to me! only a few states away now. YAY Im happy you posted! good job!

Jessica said...

I'm excited for you guys, Erin! It will be a fun adventure. It's kind of fun to embark out on your own with your own little family! And if we end up in Virginia for a year next year, we will definitely come up and visit!!! Love you guys!