Thursday, April 7, 2011

Worlds Worst Blogger Award Goes to.....ME!!

 Yes it is official I am the worlds worst blogger. It has been a full year since I last blogged and I don't have any plans to tell you all everything that has happened this past year in detail but a quick overview seems possible, and I mean quick! :) Then hopefully I will keep up with my posts!!

We went to Georgia to sell Pestcontrol this past summer. It was a very interesting process because I actually sold door to door too which was very weird. We both did well, Kasey obviously better than me but still I held my own.  On the way out there we stopped at this cool place in Nebraska called Buzzard Billys to have lunch and we had Aligator Tenders!   Never thought I would eat gator but they were actually pretty good!!!

    We passed through Kansas city and saw where the Royals play.
 Atlanta was definitely an interesting place and the people were hilarious.  Here is one of the cars.

   Yes those are 100 dollar bills painted on his car.

   Kasey saw the Atlanta motor speedway pace car... SOLD THEM TOO!
These are the apartments we stayed in.  Real classy joint!

Gotta love the south  AX is apparently how you spell ask in the souff.

                                                     Georgia Dome!!!          50 yard line!

When we came back to Utah I finished my last semester of school and graduated in December with a degree in Business from the Marriott School with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources. After I graduated I got a job at Red Lobster because we weren't sure what our summer plans would be. If we went to sell again I didn't want to get a real job because I would have to quit in 4 months. So I figured working at Red Lobster was good money and I started right away. So I am just working there about 8 times a week and going with the flow of it all.

Kasey on the other hand continued with school and got an internship at a company called GPS. They deal with trading over the foreign exchange market. Basically, from what I understand, they get clients who trade currencies a lot and sign them up for their service. GPS then trades the currencies for the client which saves them a lot of money because if money is traded at the wrong time the client can lose a lot of money. So Kasey has been doing this since about November and really enjoys it. Now we are just hoping for a full time offer which we should be getting soon. Fingers crossed!!

That is literally all that has happened this past year ha ha ha I'm sure I could have gone into more detail but eeehhh no use. I figured from now on I will post all the fun stuff!! Including my next post of the cruise we took last week to Mexico!! :)

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Mary and Jordan said...

yay i am so happy you posted!!! keep it going girl!!! miss you tons!!