Monday, April 12, 2010

Festival of Colors!!

So about 3 weeks ago we went to the Festival of Colors. It's a Hindu celebration held in Spanish Fork, UT (and all over as well) to bring in the spring season. Who knew there was a Hindu temple in the middle of Utah, pretty random. So basically its about a handful of Hindus and about 15,000 BYU and UVU students ha ha ha.
What you do is you go down and buy these pouches of vibrant colors of chalk. Then you sing a song where you just repeat Hare Krishna over and over to a beat and you throw this colored chalk on yourselves and those around you. It's a great tradition. Its basically the only time you can throw stuff at people and its ok. :) So you also count down from 20 and then you all throw the chalk in the air at once. Its pretty crazy when this happens, it blacks out the sun and you pretty much can't breath for about 2 mins (that part is not so fun).
Over all though it was a lot of fun. Kasey and I had never gone before and almost didn't go this year either but we are very glad we did cause it was well worth it!! If you're ever in UT around this time it is a must do!!

Before the madness started with our good friends Brad and Amra

First couple of blows of chalk to the face ha ha ha

The Hindu random

During the massive chalk throwing!!! It was seriously CRAZY!!!
Also look at the youtube video of it here you will see the madness....

The crowd of people

Just after the madness in front of the temple

Walking back to the car

Chalk Faces :)

Brad and Amra
They are super entertaining!!


Shey said...

Fun! You got some fun pictures out of that! I've seen pictures before of it and always thought it would be fun to go to! You're so cute Erin!

Spencer and Sara said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun!! I wanted to go! (P.S. Even with a chalk face you are so gorgeous)

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you guys ended up going! Looks like you had fun! Great pictures. I'm still bummed we never got to meet up while I was there. Sorry again about that! It's so hard when it's a short trip and so packed full of stuff and I don't have my own car. You know how it is :). But I'm excited to see you guys in July! Oh and to answer your question about Sawyer and the ducks...he LOVed them. At first I think he was confused about what they were...and then I think he thought they were really cool stuffed animals! Honestly I was terrified that he was going to squeeze/hug/shred/pinch the life out of them! Everytime he went to touch one I freaked out! But the little duckies survived...thank goodness.

kandicejill said...

SO FUN! I've always wanted to go but never have!! Next year!