Friday, March 26, 2010

The Other Blog....Well Kinda

So I have another blog it's you can link to it from my sidebar on this page. This is a blog with pictures of all the floral arrangements I have recently designed. I originally made this blog for a class this semester. We were to pick something to work on that we were passionate about, but he wanted it to be somewhat career oriented. Well I love flowers and ever since I took a floral design class last fall I have loved dealing with flowers and it has become my dream to own a floral shop!

Anyways for a part of this project I was supposed to make a portfolio of my designs so that maybe one day I can accomplish my dream of designing flowers and owning my own floral shop. This way I would have all my arrangements documented and people would be able to see my work. But I have been very reluctant to show anyone this blog because I'm not super confident in my work. I just figure I am never going to get any better till I get other people's opinions on my work so I have to suck up my pride and let people see. Plus lets be honest Kasey is a boy and he thinks everything I do looks great (what a good husband). So if you would like to take a look at it and let me know what you think that would be great.... :)

Thanks guys!!

Here is a sneak peak of something I did recently. :)


Shey said...

Erin! That arrangement looks SO pretty! I looked at your floral blog, it's way fun. I read how you had to make your sisters! You'll never forget that story! Way to go! And the bouquet looked so pretty, it was really original! Fun! i hope you get to own a floral shop someday! it was fun to spend time with you this weekend! You're a fun person to be with!

kandicejill said...

Okay that arrangement is BEAUTIFUL!!! If I had known I would have had you just do my flowers at my wedding because the 2 florists we had (calgary and idaho) were so unorganized and didn't really get what i was going for - but that is seriously gorgeous! You really have talent!