Sunday, October 5, 2008

The newest member of the Johnson family!!

Erin Larson and I meet in about a year ago in good ole' Rexburg idaho. The fall semester of 07 we were just random friends and i had asked her on a few dates but had been unsuccesssful in my efforts to say the least( the freaking girl wouldnt go out with me). So winter semester rolls around and we crossed paths again and so i made another attempt. I finally convinced her that she would have a good time if she went on date with me. Then the wooing began...haha. So as out first date which was valentines day, I decided to make it a special day for her but at the same time trying not to be too much of a creaper. A few flowers and a "PRE-DATE" cd for her(I stratigically found out her favorite songs and put them on a CD to make us look more compatable) was waiting for her on her desk for her first class that morning. This was a perfect gift becuase it just banks a few points for me before i even pick her up. She gets ready and obviously she put her pre date cd in and listens to the songs she already loves and thinks wow this guy is already looking better. When Ipicked her up she didnt know where we were going. All she knew was wear warm clothes. We go back tom my place and get in the trucks and drive about 20 min behind rexburg where we mounted up on some snowmobiles and took off on a romantic trail through the woods. The ngiht was perfect. The moon was full and as we Rode through the huge trees the moon was pretty much lighting up our path from overhead. We were with a group of 8 people. We took a good half hour ride, playing on the hills with the snowmobiles (I pride myself in my riding skills cutting up the mountains and what not) a dnthen stopped of to build a fire in an open part of the trail. The boys got off and we got to really play in the snow. We played high mark on this mountain (the person whi can drive up the highest on the mountain wins)and then tried to plaze a new trail. I was leading the pack and hit a tree stump which threw my snowmobile and sent me headed straight for a tree at 20 miles an hour. I learned 2 lessons from this; 1) snomobiles cannot climb trees, 2) the front end of a snowmobile is an expensive toy to replace. All in all it was an amazing first date and the sparks were flying. It was so good Erin advanced on me and tried to kiss me at the end of the date. I told her it i wasnt that kind of a guy and she would at least have to go on a second date with me if she wanted a lil smoochy smoochy. (i might have made that last part up).

Since then Erin and i have gone on many fun dates. We had a country night where we went to a country concert all dressed in out cowboy git-up then we went to watch "8 seconds" back at our place.


Collin and Hilary Hanson said...

congrats to both of you! im glad you found a good girl kasey! married life rocks! oh and i love your weddingbook thing website

Jerrick and Amy said...

haha kasey you would hit a tree on your snowmobile. Definately a cute first date though! I'm excited for the wedding!!

Jessica said...

Ok Erin, I think it's time for an update! ya!

The S.S. Minnow said...


I love reading blogs with you guys.
Let's play soon.
Love you