Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keep on Waiting

Well we habe been married for 2 1/2 months now and still in the honeymoon period! Well we have been waiting to get back all our wedding pictures so we could post them and then keep our blog going but because its taking so long we figure we might as well keep it up-to-date until we get them and just add those in later. We have a couple so here they are. Also here a a couple of my bridals.
This was the best day of my life!

I LOVE this picture!

I was freezing in this picture hence my nose and cheeks are a little red ha ha ha

So this semester Kasey and I are just working...well we are supposed to be anyway but it is taking me forever to start my job. I will start working at Red Lobster on the 20th of this month so until then I have just been hanging out not doing to much. Kasey has been selling APX Alarm systems in Las Vegas on the weekends so because my family lives there I join in on the fun. We went there last week all week and while Kasey was out knocking doors I was hanging out at home or going with my mom to different places.

So while I was board one day I called my sister Ashley and told her what I was doing and that I was in Vegas. Then I told her that we were planning on going to Vegas the following Wednesday (tomorrow) for Valentines day. She said that would be fun and that it made her want to come visit as well and get out of rainy Portland. I told her she should fly in the next day and keep me company. She laughed and said that would be fun but wasn't going to happen. So we ended the conversation and then later that night she called the house. She said that after I told her we were going to Vegas the next weekend she really wanted to go to. So she asked her husband if they could join in on the fun and he said yes!! So this weekend my sister and her family are going to join us for Valentines day in Vegas and we are super excited!


The Ortons said...

I love you two. the blog is sooo cute. and all the weddings pictures are perfect. I dont have a job yet either. there are TOO many students in provo. Love you.

Jessica said...

Hey nice work on the title picture, Erin! It looks great! And great pictures as well! Have a fun weekend with the Thelins! Say hi to them for me! Love you guys!

CourtandJord said...

AH!! I just found out you had a blog, yessss. The honeymoon stage never goes away!! seriously!! I love it.

Mike and Jess said...

You look gorgeous in all these pictures erin!! we miss you guys and we really need to hang out the next time we're down in utah! hope all is well!

Cody & Brittany Hawkes said...

erin!! wow- your pics are so pretty...i was lookin at les & mike's blog and saw yours so i just wanted to say hi...hope all is well. how's married life so far?? are you guys in provo now? welp take care ttyl

-brittany hawkes :)