Monday, March 2, 2009

Valentine's Day Lovin

So last year on Valentine’s Day it was our first date. Kasey had to talk me into going but I finally gave in and I am very happy that I did. He wouldn't tell me what we were going to do he just gave me a ski mask and said I would have to dress warm. So I spent the next couple of days wondering. Well the day before we went out Kasey and I had been texting. About an hour after that conversation had ended I got this text from him that said, hey when are we going to get the sleds. So I was super confused and didn't really know what was going on so I asked him what he was talking about. Well it turns out that he didn't mean to text me at all and that he was just thinking about me and texted me instead of his roommate. Well it turns out he has a bad habit of sending text messages to someone when he is thinking about them instead of who he is intending on sending the text to. So from there I started guessing what we were going to do and I guessed that we were going to go night snowmobiling!

Well the morning comes and I go to my first class and Kasey has a note with a CD and a single red rose sitting at my seat. It was really cute. He had labeled the CD Pre-super date (it had pretty much all my favorite songs on it somehow) and the note had a “self portrait” that he had drawn of himself.

It looked exactly like him as you can tell from the picture.

Well that night came and of course he picks me up and there are sure enough sleds in the back of the truck. Well I was sooooo excited and ready for the fun to begin. We get out on the trial and all the other dates (4 all together) know each other pretty well and they went off ridding the snowmobiles in the powder and up huge hills doing all sorts of little adventurous things while Kasey is playing it safe because he didn't really know what type of girl I am. So I was thinking that this would be a long night if I didn’t say anything so of course I decided to see if he would man up and I said something. Well next thing I know we are climbing the biggest hill there and I was terrified but loving it!!

Some other fun events of the night include: Kasey learned that snowmobiles don't climb a trees, I learned that when turning to avoid a tree I need to let off the gas in order to not run into it…needless to say we don't quite get along with trees ha ha ha

Anyhow the night ended and I remember thinking things could really go far with him and now look where we are a year later spending our first married Valentine’s day together!

Now for Valentine’s Day THIS YEAR we went to Vegas to visit with my parents and my sister Ashley and her family. It was a great weekend we helped my parents clean out their garage, spent some time together, and just all around had fun. We decided to go out to eat the day before Valentine’s Day because it wouldn't be as busy. We decided on Outback and it was lots of fun but we weren't really thinking and didn't take a picture!

Then on Valentine’s Day Kasey woke me up with roses which I loved of course. After that we decided we would take one of my nieces Macie to a breakfast buffet. She was amazed by that! She thought it was the neatest thing that you could get whatever you wanted, doughnuts, fruit, ice cream, pancakes, French toast, anything!

After that Kasey, my mom, and I took all the kids down to the strip to see all the little things that kids love like Lions at the MGM, the M&M factory, the Volcano at the Mirage, and the “dancing water” at the Bellagio.

It was a very entertaining day and the kids were hilarious and so cute! It was kinda funny because everyone thought they were all mine and Kasey’s kids. Ahhhhh me having an 8 yr old nice try ha ha ha oh well. I’m sure it was a nice break for Ashley and Justin to not have to watch them and I know that they sure tired us out and it was a good form of birth control for us at the moment anyhow ha ha ha

In total our weekend was great and we can’t wait to go back to warm Vegas again soon but it is actually starting to get nicer here in Utah. (Watch now that I said that it is going to snow with my luck)


Jessica said...

What a fun Valentine's Day (both of them!)! Glad you survived a day with the kids. I'm sure they loved hanging out with you guys!

Ashley said...

we had a great weekend with you. I am so glad you both came up and even more glad that you took the kids downtown. If ever you need a form of birth control just call me. A little visit is all you need to put your mind in the right place.

Mike and Britt said...

I'm so glad we finally got to meet. We will definitely have to play again soon! :)