Saturday, April 25, 2009

Goodbye Utah...Hello Alaska?

That's right everyone we are now living in Alaska. We started the long 4 day journey on the 14th. It was super hectic because we weren't supposed to leave till the 16th so we had to pack all day Monday and be ready to leave at 6 the next morning so we would be able to join two other cars on our trek up. Needless to say it was a very very stressful day.

The car ride was very long but I must say we did see some pretty cool things. The scenery was beautiful. We saw lots and lots of trees which reminded me of the book Twilight (which we listen to on CD the whole way up...great idea by me!) and how the trees would be like Edwards hunting ground ha ha ha. We saw some pretty glaciers and frozen lakes with a sheet of ice on top about 2 feet thick! We saw a bald eagle that I'm no kidding was the size of a small child. Lots of buffalo and wild horses but to Kasey's disappointment we never saw a moose. I told him not to worry because I was sure he would see at least one by the time we left Alaska. By the end of the ride we both thought we were going to pull our eyes out of boredom then we pulled into Anchorage.

When I realized we were actually there I was super confused because I thought Alaska was supposed to be beautiful and green and luscious. Where we pulled in there was still snow, dirt and gravel EVERYWHERE, and brown dead shrubbery. When we got to our apartment I asked the office lady when it was supposed to get green. She said that right now is what they call breakup season because all the snow and ice are breaking up and it should start getting green in early to mid May. Then when we went to the bank I was talking to the teller and asked him about the gravel which was all over, it was on the medians where there should be grass, all over the roads, in parking lots, honestly everywhere you can think of gravel was. He said that here they don't even bother with salt on the roads they just throw straight gravel on the roads and that soon someone would be going around and cleaning it all up. I'm glad that's not my job!

So some of you are still wondering why we are in Alaska and some already know but Kasey is selling security systems door-to-door for APX for the summer. What job I will get here I'm not sure yet but I hate searching for jobs so that's why I'm blogging. But anyhow now that we are here and all moved in and Kasey is selling life for me is getting pretty boring until I get a job.

Kasey came home the other day and was super excited because he got 3 sales and saw a moose in a lady's backyard! Shocking I know. The lady said that moose are really common in residential areas but super annoying because they just walk through and knock down peoples fences and poo all over the lawn and eat everything. Apparently if you have every had problems with deer in your yard you haven't seen anything yet. Kasey said the moose was huge. He said that if he would have stood by it, he would have come up to the top of the moose's back and the moose still would have had a whole head on him! That we freak me out. I'm not too sure if I really want to see a moose still. My dad told me they were very angry creatures and they could really do some damage, so to see one that big outside my back sliding glass door would not comfort or excite me in the slightest.

So that's life for us now but I'm sure there will be much more to tell ya'll during the summer. We'll keep you posted if we see anymore moose! WEIRD!!


Jessica said...

Wow! Those pictures are amazing. I can't believe you are up there! That will be such a fun experience. I will say the moose make me a little nervous. I'm so excited for you guys to spend the summer up there, though. I'm sure it will be awesome. Keep taking lots of pictures and blogging so we can all experience it too! And good luck with the job hunt--that should be fun. We love you guys lots and can't wait to see you at the Ranch at the end of the summer!

Andrea Larson said...

those are beautiful pictures but u know how i feel about snow!! i cant wait to hear more of your summer there. I love and miss u

The Ortons said...

I can't imagine living somewhere where its still cold in the middle of summer- OH WAIT- PROVO. I miss you guys. I'm so glad you updated your blog- can't wait to see some more pictures. Love ya.

Ashley said...

remember what we talked about at the ranch last summer...just don't look the moose in the eye and you will be fine. i am really glad you are having this adventure. you will have a lot of memories from thus summer, even if you go mad with boredum. as you say on your blog, just remember this is, laugh, love. now live what you say...and do lots of scrapbooking. love ya!

KandyJill said...

I still can't believe you guys are living in Alaska!! But I'm super excited you guys got to drive through the beautiful Alberta! :D