Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kasey's Crazy Customers

So APX has asked the sales reps to take pictures with all the customers that they sell. Well little did I know this would be a great idea. So Kasey takes our camera out to sell each day and he comes home with some of the most interesting stories and pictures because of it. So I thought I had to share.

First more moose sitings!! He says it's almost a daily occurrence now. So here is a picture for ya....HUGE!

Second...Kasey goes out and is selling to this guy. He gets him all set up and the guy has to pay like $100 extra for a piece of equipment in upgrades that Kasey will make extra money off of...then he spots it.....

That's right a Bow and Arrow. So Kasey started talking to him about the bow and arrow and finds out the guy is thinking about selling it. Kasey then asks him how much he is selling it for. The guy said he would sell it to Kasey for $100 bucks but really its worth about $300. Kasey then offers to pay for the equipment in exchange for the bow (this costs nothing to Kasey because the company would have paid for the equipment anyways). The guy agreed so now I have a bow and arrow sitting in my living room collecting dust that Kasey is more then excited to take to our ranch this summer and try out.

Third....Kasey is out selling one day when he knocks on these girls door. They are prob in their mid to late 20's or early 30's. So Kasey gets a sale but they fail credit check and the girls say to come back tomorrow and they will talk to their mother and put the system in her name. Well when Kasey gets up to go they start talking dirty little sayings in spanish (yet they have no idea he speaks spanish as well). Kasey, fortunately for them was wearing some jeans that have a huge HOLE in the booty and once he stood up to leave, yet again, the dirty spanish sayings started flying. Kasey understanding it all and could only blush a lil and say goodbye. haha. Well the next day he goes back and sure enough the girls are all dazzled up and wearing "cheap perfume" as Kasey describes it. Kasey just laughs to himself and gets the sale finalized. So at the end of the sale they start talking to him and he mentions me. They didn't believe him and that he was married. He asked if they saw his ring which they replied no they didn't think anything of it. The two girls then start talking to each other again speaking in spanish and say oh well a wife doesn't matter or something to that effect. Kasey yet again just smiles and says thanks and dips out....what can you do my husband is one stud!!...PS. Kasey said the only way they could hang out is if they had someone else who wanted an alarm system, sure enough the next day they called him up to sign up thier mother haha!!! Flirt to convert to a different degree.

Finally, fourth.....Kasey gets into this house and is trying to sell these customers when this thud thud thud comes tromping down the hall.....

Yep it was a herd of all sorts of animals. And yes that was a pig in Kasey's lap not another dog. I could not spot laughing at these pictures. I can't help but wonder what goes through peoples heads when they think yeah lets have a pig for a pet. (well my dad had one but he lived on a farm, a little different). Kasey said the house smelled "like shiz" and they were a very interesting family.

So that's all for stories from, A Day in the Life of Kasey. I don't have any of my own...still no job but I do keep myself busy doing other things like buying flowers and arranging them, blogging, scrapbooking, going to see movies like "17 Again", laying by the fireplace, facebooking and napping all day. I know, I slave for my family :)

Just one of my creations so far this summer with plenty more to come!

If Kasey brings home anymore stories and pictures I will be sure to share with ya!!


Jodi said...

Sounds like Kasey is having fun. Hope you aren't bored to death still.

The Ortons said...

If it was closer I would be there in a second to coem see you guys! It looks so crazy!! I love you.

Shelli said...

hahaha, you guys make me laugh... i should tell mike to take pictures of his customers in baltimore, he talks to some real crazies. i hope you're liking alaska! it looks like a blast.