Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sites in Alaska

We are still surviving here is Alaska! The weather isn't so great cause its not a warm summer like we are use to. The highest it gets here is about 72 so it is pleasant weather just not lay out in the sun weather, most the time its in the mid 60's. I did finally get a Job. I work at Wellsfargo in their retail department. I basically open mail and make copies all day and it kinda sucks but at the same time the day goes by really really fast because I'm always doing something. Kasey is doing really well in sales and he is actually #27 in the company right now so I am really proud of him!

Now to "Sites In Alaska." So I was driving to the grocery store during rush hour and on my way I approached a semi-major intersection. As I'm sitting in the car I looked over to my left and see...A BEAR!!! Not even just one! I saw a mama bear and her 2 cubs!! Crazy I know. So of course I want to get a closer look because hey it's a bear for goodness sacks! So they walked into a local neighborhood and here I am following them. I ended up following them into a park (lots o people were around) and I reach this open field where they are just playing. The two cubs were so cute they were wrestling and just having fun. Luckily I had our video camera in the car so I was able to get them on video but I was a little scared for a bit as you can tell at the end of the video. Just watch.

So I called Kasey and told him all about how I was following these bears around and he was like what were you thinking??? Do you realize that bears are the most dangerous when they have cubs with them? What would you have done if he would have come running at you? I replayed I would have just turned and ran closer to all the people that were at the park. He then told me that bears can run 35 mph....well needless to say I will NEVER do that again but I am glad I did it once and got to see them :)

So a couple weekends ago the whole office decided that we were going to go on a little Sunday drive and see whats in Alaska. So these are some pictures of the two places that we visited. The first is Flat Top. As you can tell it is a mountain that over looks all of Anchorage. It was a really cool site to see and good to be out and about in the fresh air!

So on our way up (mind you people are all over walking around) Kasey decides he needs to go to the bathroom so he goes a little off the trial to take a leek and we couldn't help but take a picture! Ha Ha Ha

This is some of the boys in the office just looking out over Anchorage.

I just love this picture. It looks like we are actually in the sky!!

All the boys at Baluga point!

Later in the summer you can come here and see whales swim by. I can't wait till we get to go back and see them all!

So the boys decided they had spent enough time just looking at the sites and wanted to do something manly. Well what did they decide? They wanted to move this huge log so that they could stand on it and then try to stay on it as it started to roll down this hill. I'm just glad no one got hurt! Boys will be boys!

The office wives!! Love these girls!!

Well we don't really get to go out with everyone much unless the guys come home early on a sat night. Well we got lucky because they came home and we all go to go bowling which I love!! So here is a little bit of the fun!!

About two sundays ago we walk out of church and at the edge of the parking lot there is a moose just chowing down on some shrubs!! CRAZY!!

Finally, the land of the midnight sun!

So as you know it like barely gets dark here. Well before we moved up here I always kinda thought that people exaggerated it a little. Well now that I live here...Nope there is absolutely NOOO exageration! We were driving to dinner at 10:30 pm (Kasey had just gotten back from work) and the sun was directly in our eyes so we had to put on our sunglasses!! It was so weird to us that we had to take a picture! The longest day of the year is the 23 of June and I plan on taking pictures throughout the day so you can really see what its like here! It's crazy!!

This is some of our favorite people to hang out with up here!
The Coons, Mike and Britt.

We have lots more fun that is to come and we are slowly planning more events. Kasey just got a fishing license so I'm sure we will have some stories from that. We also are hoping to go on a plane ride over Anchorage soon and a day cruise in Seward! I can't wait for it all and we will keep you posted!!


The Thelins said...

Erin the bear whisperer... Love this post! What a fun summer- let's face it, you'll never have another experience like this one!

Jessica said...

Wow I can't believe you guys are there! It sounds and looks amazing! I wish we could come visit! We can't wait to see you guys in August. Post again soon!

Bridget and Chase Parry said...

how fun! i miss you guys it looks like you are having a blast! when are you guys coming back

spencer orton said...

Duuuude the sun thing is SO weird. ANd I love that Kasey is wearing his Lakers jersey hahahaha. Love you guys. Glad to hear you are safe and well. Keep working hard Kasey, perhaps you can take Spence and I on a double date with Erin when we all get back to provo. Miss you.

The Ortons said...

P.S. This is Sara. I don't know how it came up as Spencer.

Mary and Jordan said...

ERIN how are we not blogger friends? oh probably because nothing cool happens in my life so i never update my blog. therefore i never look at other people blogs either. but yay now we can look at eachothers. oh blog is really boring. but now i can keep up on all your fun events!!!

Ashley said...

great picture of you and kasey looking out over the water with the mountain in the background. i just want to smack your butt it looks so cute. i also want to rip that lakers jersey off of Kasey. your pictures are ruined forever.

KandyJill said...

Your Alaskan adventure looks like it was so fun!! Update again :) I miss you guys!

KandyJill said...

Post again friends :)