Saturday, April 14, 2012

Going Topless!!

Kasey bought a jeep when we moved out here because he has always wanted one.  I wasn't a huge fan but have to admit I like it now.   He has been doing things on it to what he thinks make it look cooler ( lifting kit on it, big tires, huge sub woofer, super loud speaker upgrade, adding more speakers than it is supposed to get the picture).  Its pretty much a jacked up juke-box on wheels. Whenever he gets a part he has been waiting for, or some more speakers, he turns into a little kid in a candy store waiting for Saturday to come so he can be outside working on it.

He has never been able to drive it with the top off because it has always been cold. Since today through tuesday is supposed to be in the 80's...we decided to go topless!!!

Since we live only a block from the beach we drove him down there.   There was no way I could put his carseat in the Jeep with Kasey's stupid sub-woofer in the back so i just held the kid the whole time.  Dont worry,  we only went about 2 M.P.H, and it was only 1 block.  That's ok to do right?....Am I a bad parent?

Kasey already teaching him to drive.

Beckham loved riding in the least thats what Kasey says.


Jerrick and Amy said...

What a cute family having a blast in the Jeep! I love it :) Congrats on that sweet little baby!

michelle said...

cute! Love the update!! Keep them coming!