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May-July Catch Up!

Long post warning....feel free to just look at the pictures :)

Ok ok I know I always say this but I am really going to try to start blogging better. Life has been super crazy for us as you can imagine first of all having Beckham, then we moved into a house that needed a lot of work and then we went on vacation! So I am going to add a lot of pictures with some explanation in-between to try and fill you in on the details.

I also want to get better at blogging so that you all can feel like we aren't so far away. I had a conversation with my dad a while ago and he said that when our family was little we moved from New Mexico to Maryland and in order for our relatives to feel like they knew our family my dad sent out weekly letters to tell them what we were up to. He told them everything, funny things we said, what we were doing, what we were interested in everything. So not only was it a way for our relatives to really get to know our family from afar, it was also a way from my dad to keep a journal of our lives. I hope that I can talk freely so that I can use this as my journal in a way. I love to scrapbook as well so I try to do all of that to keep track of my memories but I'm not always great at getting that done so I now am hoping to have this blog as a back up as well. :) So here we go!!

So in May Beckham was 2 months old and was growing soooooo fast!! He started to crack his first smile at the beginning of April and almost had it down by May.

However in May Beckham started to have problems with sleep. He started waking up out of his naps 45 mins early and he started to wake up more frequently throughout the night. He also started getting more fussy which was not like him at all. He was always such a happy baby so with all this happening we started to get confused as to what was going on! So we went to the doctor and I told him what was going on and we found out that he had reflux. So we got him some medicine and tried to move on. He got better when it came to him being fussy and now he is back to being his happy go lucky self. Also his night time sleep has gotten better after a little bit of sleep training but he has yet to figure out naps!!

So in May we were invited to a Cinco De Mayo party and it was a lot of fun! I think the mustaches were the best part! Thanks Missi for that!!
Missi and Joel

Los Amigos

Missi, Emilee, and Me

Lance and Em

Jason and Kristen

Señor Beckham just being a Boss with his mustache :)

Then we had Mothers day and as you can tell Beckham was such a sweet boy and was all smiles in his adorable little outfit!! Kasey was great as always and got me some flowers and a pair of Toms!

These are just some random pictures from May I thought I would share :)

He snuck out of his crib for some late night TV ;)

At the end of May we were able to visit our good friends Jen and Josh who are in Long Island, NY for the summer. They have a little boy Lawson who was born a week after Beckham. It was funny because you can TOTALLY tell which child belongs to who. We also went into NYC and just looked around. I was a fun weekend and we were sad to leave but they are supposed to visit us here in Boston sometime before they go back to Utah!

Pushing each other around already 

 Yet bound to be Best Friends! :)

 Have I mentioned what good parents Kasey and I are?

 Lawson's sisters Sydney and Ellie :)

 Beckham: Chubby, Bald, and WHITE    Lawson: Lean, FULL head of hair, and Olive skin
Yet both are still incredibly cute! 

Beckham was such a trooper in his car seat during the trip! 
Even when Kasey put creepy frog things on his head!

Time Square

On our way home we took the ferry to cross from NY to CT so we wouldn't 
have to drive through NYC traffic.

Now June is when our lives got SUPER CRAZY!! We moved from our house in Hull which was a winter rental. A winter rental is basically its name. We rented if for the winter and in the summer the owners come back and live in it because it is 2 blocks from the beach and is just AMAZING in the summer. I was a little sad to be leaving such a good location but we were moving to a place that I could really make my own. We moved to a town 10 mins down the road called Cohasset and are living in a house built in 1959 that has never been updated (not that uncommon for MA). So to say the least it has needed some work and our landlord is amazing and said we could do whatever we wanted to it. So Kasey's parents came out to help with Beckham and to help do things to the house. We were so lucky to have them here I don't think I could thank them enough for their help. I don't think we would have gotten half of what we got done without them. I will post some before and after pictures in a later post as we get a little more done on the house...I am almost to the decorating stage which is the best part!

Our backyard is huge as well which we love because that means we can have BBQ's!!! This is by far one of our favorite summer activities and going to the beach!! 

Beckham just chillin in an old chair that was in the house :)

So after being in our house for a week and a half we left to go to my family vacation at our Ranch up Provo Canyon.

Baby boy sleeping on the plane....he was such a champ!! I think he was a little fussy for like half a second and then was great the rest of the flight!

Our family vacation was so much fun as always! Here is a link to a video Kasey made of the event. :)

Then after the ranch Beckham and I drove with my sister Ashley and her family from Provo back to Portland, OR. Yep thats right Beckham on a 12 hour car ride!! And he was a CHAMP didn't make a peep and was as happy as can be. He would eat and be awake for a little while and took some of the best naps he has taken in his life!! We joked that he was the best kid on the trip and my sister has 4 kids ranging from ages 3-11!

This was him starting the trip off he was soooooo tired!

I was there for 4th of July which was a lot of fun we went to a parade 
and then had some of Ashley's husbands family over for a BBQ. 

Also while I was there my sister was such a sweetheart and helped me make a quilt for Beckham's room. (I hated all baby boy stuff I saw so I decided I was going to try and make my own stuff for his bedding) So she taught me how to quilt with a lot of interesting "moments" we will call them. But in the end the quilt turned out just like I wanted.

Beckham on his new quilt and one morning after a nap...I just love his face! :)

He loved being in the pool, which was heated so it felt like a bath to him.
 He also loved hanging out with his Uncle Justin who was always successful
 in getting him to smile great for pictures to send to daddy back home!

I'm not always the best at taking pictures but here is the only two pictures I have with 
Ashley of the trip, one is at dinner and the other is as she is dropping me off at the 
airport before we catch our flight. Better late then never :)

So I finally got home mid July and have now been trying to decorate my house or make it at least presentable. Our living room is almost done thanks in great part to one of my great friends Jen (different then the one from before...or as I like to call her Yen) who came to visit!! While she was here we went whale watching which was AMAZING!! We were like 50 ft away from one for a little while so cool!

Then we went to the best dessert place in Boston called Mike's Pastries.  

Finally the last day she was here we went clothing shopping and then she helped me get stuff for my house which was so great of her because I can't make decisions for the life of me and she's got great style! :)

All and all life is crazy but full of so much fun. I couldn't ask for better friends or a better family! Hopefully you all will be hearing a lot more from me :)

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