Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Burnham's Visit!

So this past weekend our friends the Burnhams came to visit. We know them from Utah and have really grown to love them and create such a great friendship with them! This summer they are living in Long Island, NY which is only about 4 1/2 - 5 hours from us. So as I posted already we went to go see them on Memorial Day weekend and spent some time in NYC but this time they came to stay with us and we got to go into Boston for some fun :)

They got here Thursday afternoon and we just hung out at home and let the kids played in our backyard while we chatted the night away. It is always fun when they are around because we all just get along so well and really enjoy each others company!

Ellie, Lawson, Sydney, and Beckham :)

We call this angry baby happy baby! hahaha poor kid!

Friday I was able to get discount tickets to the Children's Museum in Boston. So we loaded everyone up and took the ferry into Boston for the day! Kasey was able to ride the ferry in with us as well because he had a dentist apt that morning so he missed his usual boat. Can I just add this little side note Kasey hadn't been to the dentist for 7 YEARS!!! Yes thats right 7, since before his mission! And guess how many cavities he had....3 tiny ones that the doctor said he didn't really even have to fill but he said if we let them be they may turn in to bigger ones and our insurance was cheap to get them filled. Can you believe that 7 years and 3 tiny cavities!!! The hygienist was like do you ever eat sugar or Soda? And Kasey's response was TONS! hahahaha They were in shock with his mouth! I am in shock with his mouth. I have my apt soon and I am 100% positive my results won't be as good as Kasey's since it has been 4 years for me and I know I have bad teeth! Dang it :/ Hopefully Beckham got that gene from Kasey as well seeing as how he look just like Kasey!

Anyways we took the boat in and were able to eat some lunch with Kasey before he went to work and then it was off to the museum!

Our little family

Jen's little family minus Josh :(

 Munching on his hands/thumb :)

Happy baby boy about to get off the boat!

Crossing the bridge to get to the Children's Museum

I had heard a lot of great things about the Children's Museum but seeing that I don't have any kids in the age range that would enjoy it I have never gone so when Jen came with kids ages 8, 4, and 5 months I decided it was a good excuse to go and the girls would be entertained! It turned out to be really a neat place with lots to do for the kids so they loved it!! And I found out there is a section of the museum for kids 3 and under and it has a crawling section that will be great for Beckham once he hits that milestone. I am sure he will love it then and when he gets older too! (PS anyone with kids who comes to visit we will be going here for sure! Yes this is a bribe to get you to come visit me!)

There were also some great photo ops there which made the trip super entertaining as well.

Trying to get the shot...couldn't get him to sit on his own but he sure was happy :)

 Beckham was really liking that lever in front of him not us behind the camera trying to get his attention

Beckham and Lawson did great they were either sleeping eating or taking in all the colors in the museum. I think they liked it a lot too!

I will have to come back and take this exact picture when I have 3 kids, loved it!

After the museum it started to rain as we were walking to met up with Kasey to eat dinner at one of our favorite pizza places downtown . We had plans to go to Mike's Pastries (which is another famous spot we take everyone to when they come and visit for dessert, yes another bribe!) but we weren't sure if the rain would let up or not or if we wanted to still try to go.  We then decided to go because a little rain never hurt anybody.....SIKE!!! Torrential down pour was more like it!! So we finally get there and everyone was soaking wet except Beckham thanks to our amazing stroller with a fantastic canopy!! Lawson wasn't too wet either cause he was in a front carrier with lots of blankets on him :) But we all decided it was well worth it to get the dessert and were happy with our decision.

These next three are with Jen's iPhone so not the best quality but they work :)
You can't really tell but we were soaked right here!

After we caught a Taxi to the boat because it was still raining. It was a simple boat ride home and then we had a pleasant evening relaxing and watching the Olympics (one of my favorite things on earth! I have been in heaven the past two weeks). 
In the Taxi

Saturday it was supposed to rain so we didn't really know what we were going to do. We had hoped it wouldn't rain again so we could go to the beach but that wasn't in the forecast. Well when we woke up it wasn't too bad outside so we decided to go to the beach and if it started to be bad weather we would just come home. Well it turned out to be a really nice beach day. It wasn't too hot so the babies were happy but it wasn't too cold so the girls could play in the water.

Beckham's "Beach Hut" 
Its perfect for him to just roll around, play in, and be protected from the sun! 

 I think the girls had lots of fun looking at the shells and playing in the sand and water. 
They are true Beach Girls :)

While we played and the boys slept :)
True Beach BUMS!

 When the boys woke up they just sat around and played in the Beach Hut!

It seemed like Lawson really wanted Beckham's keys :)
I feel like there should be dialog for these next 3 pictures hahaha

Happy Boys!

Beckham is starting to pull his knees up maybe he will be 
crawling sooner then we thought but maybe not 

Yep smiling at the toy in the corner of the picture as you can see :)

Again imagine more dialog in the next 2 pics
Beckham says something funny

Lawson starts to laugh so hard he has to put his head down....silly Beckham

And finally the face off for who can reach the keys first.......

So on Thursday we got a package from Kasey's sister with some of the most adorable clothes, in fact so adorable that I already had one of the shirts!  So on Saturday afternoon when we got back from the beach we decided to put Lawson in the extra shirt and take some shots of the boys together! :)

This is classic Beckham playing with his feet :) sometimes he even eats them or trys to anyway!

 Another classic Beckham biting/sucking on his lower lip

Best Friends Forever :)

Then of course Jen being the best person ever just before she left on Sunday and before we went to church snapped a couple pictures of our little family cause we realized we didn't have very many pictures of our whole family :)

All and all it was such an amazing weekend and I am so glad she was able to come a visit before she goes back to UT. We have missed being around them and Kasey was sad that her husband Josh wasn't able to come but we will see lots more of them whenever we go to UT and they will be in New Jersey next summer!! So more time for us to play!

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Ashley said...

First off, you look really great. I can tell you have been working hard. 2nd, beckham has the best shirts. They are so funny. 3rd, beach tent is SUPER COOL! I love it and now I am coveting it. 4th, love that he is sleeping on his stomach in his stroller. I just love him and his mini kasey self. Cut post Erin. Thanks for the update.