Thursday, September 13, 2012

5 1/2 Months Photos

My friend Jen took these pictures when she visited and I just never got around to posting them so I thought I would post them real quick before I posted about our Labor Day weekend :) So hope you enjoy!

Beckham has started solids and LOVES THEM!! He had a hard time at first trying to figure out how to eat from the spoon which is to be expected but now that he has the hang of it he chows down! Just like mom and dad if its food he likes it and will eat it :)


Happy Boy!! He so far likes everything he eats except oatmeal now that he has tasted 
the other stuff he locks his lips shut when he realizes thats what coming his way hahaha

Isn't he sweet :)

Next we took some pictures of him just chillin on our jean blanket being the happy baby boy that he is. I really enjoy these pictures and I am going to try and make a point to take some like these every month...we will see how good I am at that :/  And sorry in advance for the picture overload I'm not good at deciding I liked all the pictures that were taken!



Jessica Larson said...

Great pictures, Erin! He is just so cute! I can't wait to see him again at Christmas :). Good job on blogging, by the way. I am way behind right now...kinda makes me sick thinking about it. Love you guys!

Paige Broadbent said...

vYour little fellow is adorable. I miss you Erin and i want to meet your little man.

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